Isabella Maria

Isabella Maria
Her 3 week pictures... such an angel!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick little blog to you all to wish you all the best. I hope you all get what you want in your stockings, that you have a delicious meal while being surrounded by your loved ones and your spirit is touched by the whole reason this day even exists... Jesus. OK, I am done with my sappiness for now.
And on New Years Eve, I hope you get several jello shots, beers and bottles of champage and laugh until you pee your pants a little. :D

I am so excited for Aaron to open all his stuff, he got everything he wanted this year. Not that this is all about presents, I know there is a bigger reason for it all... but seeing him happy makes me happy. God I am a sappy shit! LOL

OK I am about to get the hell outta work so I can watch a Christmas Story and decorate decorations with my familia.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update on the girly parts

Hello All,
Looks like I probably do NOT have PCOS... this is probably all caused by rapid weight gain... thank you night shifts! I am now working on losing it so I can get cute and pregnant. :) Thanks to all for your kind words and thoughts. I appreciate them.
Now I would like to say how I hate snow. I hate driving in it. We are supposed to get up to 10 inches tomorrow. 10 INCHES. WTF? I hate snow.
I would rather it rain. Ugh.

I have SO much to do before Christmas. I can think of at least 6 different gift I need to get people, and not one damn thing is wrapped. Not ONE DAMN THING. I suck at this.
PS- If you didn't see our Christmas cards, they are great. I will have to ask someone to put a copy on the net for me.
PPS- If someone will record Coronation Street for me I would be forever in your debt. Seriously! I MISS IT. That would be a great Xmas gift for me. And Cheap.
OK gotta go do some chemo.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update and probably some bitching too...

I have been pretty busy getting adjusted to the new job so I haven't been online much. But I love my job! It is great to have essentially the same schedule as most of the people in my life. I sleep at night, am awake during the day with the rest of the world, and I do a LOT of walking at work, actually more than when I worked on 6. Well, not always but often I walk back and forth from Main, to Mott, to Med Inn, Cancer Center and back. But it is good exercise. :) My co-workers are very nice and have been very welcoming to me. We all get along well. I really couldn't ask for much more.
Well, I have had some not so nice discoveries, too. Be warned, if you're weird about hearing/reading about period stuff, read no further.
I haven't had a period since September 3. After multiple negative pregnancy tests I went to the doctor and had some blood work done. My thyroid is OK, as is my glucose, but apparently my follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone are off, which from what I am told is indicative of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Needless to say I am sad, scared, and pissed the hell off.
So, this is the thanks I get for doing it all right. I go to high school, graduate, go straight to college, get a good education and dependable, respectable career, graduate, get married, buy a house, set up a 401K, have 2 decent cars in the driveway for us, and *BAM*. You're fucking infertile. Well, maybe not. So OK, *BAM*, best case scenario you'll need to be on meds to stimulate ovulation to get pregnant, or you'll have to learn how to shit money so you can pay for in vitro fertilization. BULLSHIT. Or I will have to pay ass loads of money so I can adopt someone else's kid. While I am over here worrying about the THOUSANDS of dollars I may have to come up with in order to be a Mommy, let me take this opportunity to say that it is free to get knocked up in an alley in Detroit while smoking crack. Those kinds of people can get pregnant, but I may not be able to. Cue in Alanis Morrissette's "Isn't it Ironic". It PISSES ME OFF that people who have no business getting pregnant seem to make a hobby of it while I would be a good Mom and I may not even be able to.
On the bright side, this explains the unexplainable weight gain. I hope it get be corrected, along with my bum ovaries.
I feel defective. I am made a woman so I can reproduce. Is there a consollation prize for not being able to use these ovaries for their obvious intent? Will someone make them into bronzed matching paper weights for me? It is all just very unfair and painful.
Granted, I may be *slightly* over reacting because I haven't gotten the official diagnosis from the doctor. That comes Tuesday. But I am a nurse, and I see the evidence right in front of my face. If I don't get diagnosed with it then I will be COMPLETELY surprised, and elated.
Updates will be up when I find them out and can stomach typing them.