Isabella Maria

Isabella Maria
Her 3 week pictures... such an angel!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It was a good weekend. My friend Erica and her daughter Jenna stayed at my house on Friday night. We hung out, watched TV and movies, and had a little garage sale at my house on Saturday morning. It was so fun.
Saturday Erica's husband Tom kept Jenna and the other two kids (Dylan and Ian) so Erica and I could time just us time. It was honestly the first time we had no kids with us since she got pregnant with Jenna in 1998! (Well, apart from when her Dad was in the ICU, the kids weren't there the first time we went there.) It was awesome to have some time with just the two of us. I love her kids, they are sweet and funny, but it's nice to have grown up time, too.
We went to Mark and Jason's birthday party and had a good time. We got to watch Stevie's weird neighbors fight for over an hour in the front lawn. I was so embarrassed for them. They were two white guys, calling each other honky (sp?) and also the N word. The first one was just stupid, they are both white. And the second name was stupid for the same reason, but it pissed me off just to hear them say it. I hate that word. It's disgusting. I know I have a rotten ass mouth, but even I have a limit. I mean come on people, get some standards.
We watched their stupidity for a while, but when they actually started physically fighting we called the cops. It took them about 15-20 minutes to get there, which from what I heard is good for Westland cops. A couple times I chanted "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!". I don't think they heard it though. It was mostly for my own amusement though. I didn't want the fight to come over to where we all were. None of us wanted to get involved but we did enjoy the show. There were people in their driveways watching. I am surprised we didn't make popcorn. LOL
Today Erica and I slept in a little, and then played around on the computer looking up people we used to know on facebook and myspace. Being dissatisfied with that since we really didn't find anyone we knew, we looked on OTIS and the sex offender registry... and found an ex boyfriend of mine. So now, two of my ex boyfriends are sex offenders. YUCK. One (Jason) went in for rape and aggravated sodomy, as well as beating the girl (his girlfriend at the time) that he raped and assaulting a police officer. I knew about him years ago. The one I found out about today (Will) was a guy I dated in high school. He lived a couple hours north of where I lived then. I actually broke up with him to start dating the one that beat and raped his girlfriend. The one I found today was actually convicted for Criminal Sexual Conduct - Third Degree (Multiple Variables). Frigging sicko.
How do I attract these men? And thank you God for not letting me be one of their victims. I dated Will when I was a senior in high school and then dated Jason for a year and a half after him, but most of the time he was in Korea for the Army.
So that makes reason # 512 why I am lucky to have Aaron. He is not a sexual deviant! :)
OK I need to get back to life and do something productive.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Progesterone levels and Labor Day

OK, so the two aren't related. But I do want to talk about both of them. So on Friday, 7 days after my + Ovulation test, I had my progesterone level drawn to see if it is a good level and to see if I actually ovulated. Although I haven't received any word on this from the MD office yet, different people on the TTC Boards on say that my level was good. Makes me happy! My level was 30. From what I gather, 10-15+ is acceptable for ovulation. Clomid is a MIRACLE drug. Now I just need to take Clomid when I am with Aaron so I can actually have sex and try to get pregnant.
My friend Brandi invited me to go camping with her for the Labor Day weekend to their Family Labor Day Weekend (FLDW) trip. So my dogs and I went Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful wooded area somewhere in between Cadillac and Ludington. Her husband's family has made it their tradition to go there for the last 12 years, and they do a great job making it. The cook, Jose, is a great friend of the family and makes all the meals for the people there, which is anywhere in between 50-80 people a year. They have a talent show, field day and night time hide and seek game planned for everyone (13 years old +) there on the property, which is somewhere in between 20-30 acres. It's a family oriented place and it seemed like a lot of fun, so I wanted to go! We got there at 5PM on Saturday and we were home by Sunday at 2PM. However I had every intention on staying until Monday morning or early afternoon. The dogs had another agenda.
The dogs (well, Bear) was ridiculous. He screamed when I was not there with him. We gave each dog a bone, a pull toy, a big bowl of fresh water in the shade, right next to my new fun little tent (courtesy of the birthday money my Dad and step-mom gave me), and he still wailed like a baby when I left. After about 10 minutes of me no longer in his sight and he stopped. Every single whimper, bark and cry was painful for me. He was sad. :(
At one point earlier in the evening on Saturday I commented to Brandi on Bear snarfing down the sticks and leaves, saying it looked like anxious behavior. I should have just seen that and known I should have not brought them and just went home. I guess I was mistaken about thinking they were having fun. I thought they would like being outside in the forest. Most dogs do. Not mine. Nope, I am not sure my dogs even realize they are dogs. I think they might think they are human. After all they do sleep in bed with me and Aaron and have just as much right to be on the couches and love seats as we do... in my opinion. Anyhow, I am getting off topic...
My anxiety increases as the sky gets darker because of that tent. While it is located around about 10-15 other tents, it is still in the forest in the pitch black. I am not scared of the dark, but I am definitely scared of monsters and other things that lurk in the dark. So, me + 2 dogs + small tent in the middle of nowhere + alcohol and an overactive imagination =me laying in my tent afraid all night. Because of this my friend's step-daughter graciously lets me and my canines stay in her tent with her. This relieves me greatly. :)
Because of their (well mostly Bear's) behavior Brandi and I had the dogs with us most of the time. 99% of the other dogs there were happily sleeping in front of their tents and campers, but mine had to act like babies. They were with me most of the time because I couldn't handle hearing them be upset (don't go telling me how I can't do that with kids... I already know. I will baby my dogs because they will never grow up and need to get a job. If I am ever responsible for raising anything with poseable thumbs then I will definitely lay down the law.) and figured the other people shouldn't have to be inconvenienced because my dogs won't shut up. Other dogs there were definitely barking too, and during the day it didn't matter. But Bear and Harvey barked at night too, and I felt bad. So I figured it was better to just have them with us. I even tried to take them with us for hide and seek, but that proved to be a bad idea. Walking with 2 dogs in the dark while trying to successfully hold a drink and a flashlight was very difficult. They also tend to pull at times, making the walk that much more interesting. Needless to say they did not stay long.
Let's fast forward. After drunken hide and seek I get the dogs because Bear is crying. We're sitting at the camp fire, and later I decide to go to bed. Me and my boys curl up in the camper to sleep. They actually fall asleep way quicker than I do, and I have no idea why because I am the one who had 5 bottles of delicious Mikes Hard Lemonade and Labatt Blue. Anyhow, the sleep is not restful. I woke up about once an hour, either being cold or having a sore hip from the less than optimal mattress. If I rolled over one of the 2 dogs would whine because I rolled over and was no longer spooning them. (Seriously.) In the middle of the night I get the brand new sleeping bag Brandi let me borrow and wriggle into it and get all warm and toasty. An hour or so later I wake up to Bear gagging and then puking, on the very camper bed we slept on.
They get down off the bed and I search all over for said vomit. Can't find it. I get off the bed and put my shoes on so I can put them out, still searching for the puke. Did he just have a wet burp or something? I can't be sure, I can't find the evidence. Then, I move the sleeping bag to keep searching. The reason why I couldn't find the vomit was because I ROLLED OVER ON IT IN THE SLEEPING BAG. It was a massive, reeking pile of sticks, twigs, leaves and only God knows what else. I think I described the scent to Brandi as what one would imaging Satan's taint to smell like.
So after I properly dispose of all that grossness and a little sitting with the last of the drunk people at the fire, we sleep in my car until about 8:30. We're on the road again by 11AM.
On the bright side, I got to see Brandi and her family, who I love dearly. :) And I am pleasantly surprised with how well the boys did with the car ride. Let's see they do going to TX. :)
OK well it is time to lay back down on the couch. I am going to get as much relaxing time as I can today before back to dreaded work in the AM.