Isabella Maria

Isabella Maria
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick but awesome update.

Hello All!
Sorry it has been so long since I have gotten on here. I STILL don't have internet access at my house until Thursday. I am at the library in Uvalde to pay some bills and do a little Christmas shopping, so before the kick me off I thought I would get on here and update you.
Texas is nice! It's been in the 60-70's (with the exception of this rainy, cold week in the 40s-50s) since we have been here. Aaron and I are both enjoying our jobs. Thank God! I would be PISSED if we relocated just to be angry and miserable.
The girls at my new job are very nice. The job is a little slow at times, being a rural day surgery unit, but I am still learning things and appreciating the new slower, less stressful lifestyle.
And now, for the biggest news EVER. I took my first cycle of Clomid on October 21. Ovulated November 4th. And got a POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST on November 15th!!! Thank God! I am soooo incredibly happy that I can't even begin to describe it. The closest thing I can think of is to want something for Christmas... really REALLY bad but you already know you can't afford it and you just know you're not going to get it. Then, on Christmas morning you open a little box under the tree with your name on it that you weren't expecting and *WHAM* there it is, that little thing you've been coveting.
Due to the PCOS I am not out of the woods. I have a higer rate of miscarriage then most women because of this. Some people might think I am crazy for telling everyone already (I am only 7 weeks and due in the end of July) but you know what, if I were to (God forbid) lose this baby, it doesn't make him/her mean any less to me. I am going to celebrate this gift from God as much as possible, enjoy every minute of it (sore boobs, peeing all the time, serious fatigue, a sense of smell that a Bloodhound wound envy and mood swings like I don't know what) because it is a HUGE gift and I am incredibly lucky to have it. I just pray everything stays good and healthy. I quit smoking in October, do not drink a thing, quit taking the meds I was on for PMDD, sleep all the time, try to limit my caffeine intake, take prenatals vitamins and my metformin religously, in short I am doing everything possible to make this a healthy pregnancy. The only things against me are the extra weight and the PCOS, one of them being out of my hands entirely. Damnit if women can smoke crack throughout their pregnancies and have healthy babies, surely I, as a tubby woman, can have one as well, right? I am sure my developing embryo would rather have a heaping helping of Cheez Whiz (what I have been craving since last night... don't know why... but whatever, I like it anyway!) than a little cocaine, right?
Another thing, since we conceived on Clomid, who knows how many little stinkers are in there! There could be multiples in store for us. I say bring it on, lets just do this! Don't get me wrong if we had 5 or 6 in there I think I would have a panic attack, but twins would be just fine.
I am not a particularly religous person, but this experience completely reaffirms my faith. I know I have mentioned the Big Guy in here a few times, and I think for a great cause. If I, a reproductively challenged woman gets pregnant as quickly as I did on my first cycle of the least medically invasive treatments possible, someone simply HAS to be helping me out.
Well I better go before the lady at the desk screams "Number 3 your time is up!"
Thank you all for reading, I hope you're all well, and stay tuned for my baby adventure! :)