Isabella Maria

Isabella Maria
Her 3 week pictures... such an angel!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Today's thoughts

Well, it's another day off that I actually have a couple hours to myself! I had to drop Isabella off at daycare today because I had a class to go to at work for CEUs. My Michigan nursing license expires at the end of this month, and I need 25 hours to keep it current. I am at 21.94 now. So the pressure is on! I went to a pediatric trauma inservice and then a snakebite safety/management course. Both scared the bejesus out of me. 1. We are 80+ miles away from the nearest level one pediatric trauma center. 2. Our hospital only keeps 12 vials (AKA 2 initial doses, enough to keep you going until you transfer to the nearest level one trauma center by way of ambulance or helicopter...) on hand at all times. 3. Southwest Texas is lucky enough to have every venomous pit viper and also the coral snake indigenous to our region. But it was all very informative/educational. As a nurse and a mom I am glad to have this information. So, in case you're ever bitten, remember this: Red on yellow, kill a fellow. Red on black, friend of Jack. If a snake has red and yellow bands touching then it is venomous. If it is red and black lines touching then it is not a venomous snake. Good to know!
After my two classes I had to attend a committee meeting at the hospital. It went well. After the meeting I got a very overdue oil change and now I am at home and enjoying a few childless hours before I pick up Isabella. I always feel guilty when she is at day care and I am home, even if it is not long. But as most moms, I get almost no alone time to relax and do something (even if it is just sleeping, watching a little tv or blogging) that I want to do. And I don't have the luxury of nearby family for the occasional babysitter. So, I take my few hours here and there when I can!
I just have to bring this up because it just sickened me. I want to know if other people agree or if I am just a prude. I was recently shopping at Walmart and saw a prepubescent girl (12 at the most, let's put it this way... she had not begun to uh, develop. She was a child.) that was wearing a shirt that said "Sexy and I know it." Umm... Eww. Sweetheart, if someone thinks you're sexy they either need to be behind bars or in a pine box in the ground! Unless of course it's like another 11 year old, but even that is off-putting. Now I know its the name of a song, but as a mother... I would NOT let my 10-12 year old daughter (or son) wear that. I wouldn't want the wrong person seeing her wearing that and think that she might want to get up to no good. The thought disgusts me! What are others' thoughts on this? I don't consider myself a conservative person and don't plan on sheltering my daughter. But I have no intentions on letting her dress overly provocative, act older than she needs to, etc. Just curious. Hey if you're 18 and buy it with your own money, fine. If you aren't even old enough to see over the counter at the store and I am paying for it with our money, you better believe it's not going to advertise sexual messages. Not on a child. YUCK.
I wish I had an exciting life and could blog about the great things I have done. But apart from being a momma, nothing else is really exciting. So this is a bland blog but I am going to stop typing now and take advantage of this alone time. Nap!

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